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Sunday School, Frappe Making, & Greek Dance!

At Holy Trinity, Sunday School is not just a place for children to gather; it's a place where young minds and hearts are nurtured, and valuable life lessons are imparted. This past Sunday, our eager young learners delved into the Gospel of Luke, exploring the Parable of the Farmer from Luke 8:5-15. The lesson served as a powerful reminder of the significance of our hearts and how we receive God's teachings.

In this thought-provoking lesson, children were given three cups to fill, each representing a different type of soil. The first cup was filled with rocks, the second with weeds, and the third with good soil. These cups, when compared to our hearts, showcased the different ways we can receive God's Word.

The rocky soil symbolizes those whose hearts are hardened, and resistant to God's teachings. The weeds represent people whose hearts are choked by the cares and distractions of the world. On the other hand, the good soil mirrors the hearts of those who eagerly listen to God's lessons and, more importantly, put them into practice.

The Parable of the Farmer teaches us that our hearts are like these different types of soil. It's an invitation to reflect on our own hearts and consider how we can become more receptive to God's teachings and how we can cultivate a "good soil" heart. This lesson not only imparts the wisdom of this ancient parable but encourages children to think deeply about their own spirituality and how they can grow in their faith.

During Coffee Hour, the children have been making Greek Frappe, the best iced coffee this side of the Mediterranean. We plan to have the Frappe available for purchase every 1st Sunday of the month (and a surprise few appearances in between). All Donations are used towards the Youth program.

Please have your children & grandchildren join us this coming Sunday, October 22nd, after Church for our Greek Dance practice! The festival will be here before you know it! OPA!

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