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Sunday Bulletin 10-01-2023

Holy Trinity

Greek Orthodox Church

24411 Rampart Blvd.

Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Phone: 941-629-3888

304-319-3441(Fr. Mojmir)


Online Donations

Please continue to support the ministry of your Church/Parish and consider mailing your stewardship, contribution, and other donations

to the Parish Office or online via a credit card:

Office Hours: Tues.-Fri.: 9 am-12 pm (Noon)

Priest: Protopresbyter Fr. Mojmir Zalcik PhD

Divine Services & Events Schedule

Sun. October 1 – 2nd Sunday of Luke;

Orthros 9 am, Divine Liturgy 10 am;


GREEK FRAPPE today - for a $5 donation during Coffee Hour, to support our youth group

Tues. Oct. 3 – Saint Dionysios the Areopagite

Fri. Oct. 6 – Thomas the Apostle

Sun. Oct. 8 – 3rd Sunday of Luke;

Orthros 9 am, Divine Liturgy 10 am

Mon. Oct 9 – Columbus Day

Thur. Oct 12 – St Symeon the New Theologian

Sun. Oct. 15 – Sunday of the Holy Fathers of

the 7th Ecumenical Council;

Orthros 9 am, Divine Liturgy 10 am

Mon. Oct.16 – St Longinos the Centurion

Tues. Oct.17 – Hosea the Prophet

Wed. Oct.18 – Luke the Evangelist

Thur. Oct.19 – Joel the Prophet

Sat. Oct. 21 – St Hilarion the Great

Sun. Oct. 22 – 6thSunday of Luke;

Orthros 9 am, Divine Liturgy 10 am

Mon. Oct. 23 – James the Apostle

In the absence of Father Mojmir,


call Father Dean Mendrinos: 941-780-3329

Prayer List: We pray for good health of

Dean, Stevie, Popy, Cindy, Mike, Tom, Ellen, Costa, Virginia, Eve-Ann, Theresa, Stella, Nicholas, Anastasia, Leonard, Marina, Anne, Barb, David, Fr. Zoltan, m. Tatiana…, and all ill.

May God heal you all!

On the first Sunday of each month, the children will be selling GREEK FRAPPE for a $5 donation during Coffee Hour, to help support our youth group. Thank you!

Birthday: Liam Alexander Hill (10/3),

Zachary Verros (10/3)

God grant you many and blessed years!

2023 Stewardship/Membership

Please, support the Holy Orthodox Ministry and our community here.

Stewardship Cards for the Holy Trinity Church Membership are available at the desk in the Narthex of the Church. Many thanks to all Stewards and all who attend, support, donate, make sacrifices, and for all you do good for our Holy Trinity Church and Parish!

May God bless and protect you all!


Gleanings from Holy Fathers and teachers

of the Church and Orthodox Authors

Do not be foolish in the requests you make to God, otherwise you will insult God through your ignorance. Act wisely in prayer, so that you may become worthy of glorious things. Ask for things that are honorable from Him Who will not hold back, so that you may receive honor from Him as a resul

t of the wise choice your free will had made. Solomon asked for wisdom - and along with it he also received the earthly kingdom, for he knew how to ask wisely of the heavenly King, that is, for things that are important.

St. Isaac of Nineveh (Syria) I, The Syriac Fathers on the Prayer, and the Spiritual Life

Do not hesitate to go late at night to those places where you usually feel afraid. But if you

yield only a little to such weakness, then this childish and ridiculous infirmity will grow old with you. As you go on your way, arm yourself with prayer. When you reach the place, stretch out your hands. Flog your enemies with the name of Jesus, for there is no stronger weapon in heaven or earth. When you get rid of the disease of fear, praise Him who has delivered you. If you continue to be thankful, He will protect you forever.

St. John Climacus, ‘The

Ladder of Divine Ascent’; Boston: Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 1978, STEP 21: On Unmanly and Puerile Cowardice

Do not be puffed up if you have prayed for another and been heard, for it is his faith that has been strong and effective. Ibid, Step 28: On Holy and Blessed Prayer, the Mother of Virtues, and on the Attitude of Mind and Body in Prayer

Do not neglect prayer. Pray fervently. Say these prayers: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"; "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us"; "Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit"; "We venerate Thine immaculate icon..."; "The Cross, the guardian of the whole oecumene..."; The Creed and the Lord's Prayer; "O All-Holy Lady Theotokos (the light of my darkened soul, my hope and protection)" and whatever other prayers you know.

Modern Orthodox Saints, Raphael, Nicholas and Irene of Lesvos, by Constantine Cavarnos., Institute for Byz

antine and Modern Studies, Belmont, Massachusetts., 1990., pp. 145-155

Do not rush one prayer after another but say them with orderly deliberation, as one addressing a great person for a favor. Do not just pay attention to the words, but rather let the mind be in the heart, standing before the Lord in full awareness of His presence, in full consciousness of His greatness and grace and justice. Theophan the Recluse

Do you not see, brethren, that we toil for nothing when we pray, if we have enmity against someone? And again, the Lord says, ‘If you offer your gift at the altar, and there you remember that someone has something against you, leave your gift before the altar, and go first and be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift’. Therefore, it is clear that if you do not do this first, all that you offer will be unacceptable, but if you do the Master’s bidding, then implore the Lord with boldness, saying, ‘Forgive me my debts, Master, as I have forgiven my brother, so fulfilling your commandment. I, weak though I am, have forgiven’. For the Lover of mankind will answer, ‘If you have forgiven, I too will forgive. If you have pardoned, I too will pardon your sins. For I have authority on earth to forgive sins. Forgive and you will be forgiven’.

St Ephrem the Syrian, 'Three Short Discourses'

Do not say, after spending a long time in prayer, that nothing has been gained; for you have already gained something. And what higher good is there than to cling to the Lord and persevere in unceasing union with Him?

St. John Climacus, ‘The Ladder of Divine Ascent’; Boston: Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 1978, Step 28: On Holy and Blessed Prayer, the Mother of Virtues, and on the Attitude of Mind and Body in Prayer

Do not spare yourself from heartfelt prayer even when you have spent the whole day in hard

work. Do not indulge in laziness when you pray; tell God everything that is in your heart. If you allow yourself time to pray with diligence, you will not fall asleep before you have wept over your sins. Believe that, if for the sake of bodily rest, you pray hurriedly, you will lose the tranquility of both body and soul. By what labor, sweat and tears is our closeness to God achieved! St. John of Kronstadt

Do not try to be verbose when you pray, lest your mind be distracted in searching for words. One word of the publican propitiated God, and one cry of faith saved the thief. Loquacity in prayer often distracts the mind and leads to phantasy, whereas brevity makes for concentration.

St. John Climacus, ‘The Ladder of Divine Ascent’; Boston: Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 1978, Step 28: On Holy and Blessed Prayer, the Mother of Virtues, and on the Attitude of Mind and Body in Prayer

Christ is in our midst!

He is and ever shall be!



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